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Service Updates
Cata has brought to Azeroth a number of changes to the guild system! One such feature is Guild Achievements. In order for the guild to be eligible for an achievement, it must be accomplished by 4/5 guildies in a dungeon, 8/10  in a 10 man raid, and 20/25 in a heroic raid.  

Once we reach level 5, 5% extra gold from each boss killed in guild runs will automatically be forwarded to the guild bank.  When/if we see enough guild participation and start earning enough gold from boss kills, we will open guild repairs for those ranks who are actively being loyal and helping earn the achievements and adding to the xp bar.  Blizz is calling this feature "guild tax" lol. 

Rank System (Read Me)
About Guild Rules (Read Me)
Loot & Raiding Rules (Read Me)

After holding an officer's meeting it has been decided that it is not feasible to enforce the no pugging rule for heroics, and regular dungeons. HOWEVER, we will be posting on the guild calendar specific dungeons that we will be working on each day, please make sure to read the descriptions on each day's invite to see which heroic. If you sign up for these runs please do not pug them because the same 3 strike rules that apply to raids apply here.


If you are absolutely unable to attend a guild raid at the time the raid is scheduled to occur, please discuss with Aka and she can clear you to pug that week. We understand some scheduling conflicts may occur and don't want you to miss the weekly, just make sure and clear it with Aka!

There will be additional perks available to purchase within the guild based upon the guild's level, and your rank, so it is to your advantage to help the guild progress! 

Things such as guild bank items will only be passed out to members in good standing in the guild.  If you are new we are more than willing to help you with heroics, learning CC, and raid mechanics BUT WE WILL NOT CARRY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  •  If you sign up for a guild event, you must show up! We will be keeping track, and implementing a 3 strike system.  If you do not show up 3 times after confirming for an event you will not be asked or invited to go with us to raids anymore. 
  • If something comes up after you have confirmed, please take the time to change your status to declined!  If you don't know for sure if you can go, please put tentative! If you accept as tentative, and then fail to show up, there will not be a strike against you if you are unable to make it!  However those who confirm and show up on time will be given priority when we set up the raid. Please remember that due to game mechanics, sometimes we must choose someone based on what we need in the raid, rather than who signed up first. We will try to keep it fair but there will be times when someone may not be able to go, please do not take it personally! Generally 10 man raids require 2 tanks, 3 healers, 2 melee dps and 3 ranged dps.  And yes it does show who signed up on what date and time.
  I am sorry that the rules have to be this strict but this is the only way we are going to be able to unlock things like the guild mount, mass resurrection, Mass summoning, etc....... 

 Hopefully we will eventually have enough members that we will be able to do 2, 10 mans per week at different times to accommodate those with various time constraints, as well as working toward making a set time when we can do 25 mans!

Additional Notes:
  • Please reserve excessive cussing for the oh shit moments.  There are times for cussing and there are times for not cussing  and its not nesacary to run it into the ground and hurt our ears or eyes. Let us be respectful of our fellow guildmates, and try not to offend.... too much. ;)
  • Ranks will be given accordingly as the officers feel someone has earned and deserves it!  :) Trust, loyalty, knowledge of game mechanics, helpfulness, punctuality etc will all be considered when we consider an individual for promotion so remember to always be on your best! 
  • Also remember that now even leveling your alts and their professions count toward guild participation.  If you are someone who can not raid, your participation in these other areas will be used in consideration when making decisions such as promotions.  But that is no excuse to pug!
     If any of you have questions you can send Akaronia or Itybityxeni guildsite mail, or whisper in game.
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Content we will be working on

Akaronia, Feb 8, 11 6:38 PM.
Ok we are kind of at a crossroads.  We have a lot of people who are not excessively experienced at raiding therefore this is the plan.  We will run Cata dungeons and heroics on the weekends for all guild members.  We will split up our premade that we run during the week to help each group learn the fights.  Whoever I put in charge of each group will be the one that explains the fights and will be giving out constructive critisism.  On how each person may better their abilities as a team player.  The fights in Cata heroics are much like raids.  You HAVE to use strategies on them.  This will better teach us how to work together as a well oiled machine.  Once we have all ran every heroic, successfully killing every boss in them, and are geared we will try at least one Cata raid.  If this raid is unsuccessful we will go back to basics starting with the hardest raids in Wotlk on heroic modes.
If then we are still unsuccessful we will do them on regular. This is how everyone will best learn how to properly  raid.  If you do not like this plan then I can not do anything to help you.  I am going to help our guild progress as quickly as possible however we have to do it the right way in order to do that.

  Sincerely your Raid Leader, Akaronia

FIshing Contest

Akaronia, Feb 8, 11 5:58 PM.
Ok we will be doing a guild fishing contest.  All fish have to be caught out of schools in order to count on our guild achievement and yes you have to catch them :D  Whoever sends the most fish each week to Akaronia will get 500 gold.  I will keep a tally from each sender.  So please ONLY send them to Akaronia.  As this way I can count the fish and see if it adds up with what is on our counter.  If someone is caught cheating they will be automatically disqualified for that week and any future weeks if the contest and yes there are ways of being able to see if someone is cheating so don't bother trying :D  This contest will begin.  Friday Feb, 11th at 12:00 P.M. and each week will be tallied on Friday before the next weeks counts reset.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Assirym, Nov 27, 10 3:36 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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